I wish I didnt have such bad anxiety

All I want to do is throwup

Why the fuck did I drunk Tumble last night… wtf


Drunk and High.

I wish people understood my thoughts


An over exciting weekend

Thursday night started drinking had a drunken snow ball fight then went out to the club with my roommates.Met a ton of crazy cool people. Got back home few guys from the bar came back over. Went to bed around 7am. Friday went out to a bar got my ID taken. Met up with a couple guys from the night before at a hotel. Thought we were going to get killed by these crazy mobsters. Came back home had a friend over went to bed around 7 am.Saturday had a kegger. Got my ass beat. Went to bed around 7 am. 

Lessons learned:

  1. Dont meet crazy guys at the bar.
  2. Dont start fights with girls bigger than you

cathedral square park in milwaukee

Marcus Center - by CJ Schmit

When I was walking home from Summer Fest…

First snow on the trail. 

#snowy night to get some food in #mke. #alsocrazywindy #whyisthesnowsoangryatmyface? #milwaukee #milwaukeemusings